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ASA Tri-Fold VFR Kneeboard

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Carry more, on a budget. The ASA Tri-Fold Pilot's Kneeboard maximizes your available storage space on your lap to allow you to carry more necessary items pertaining to flight. The ASA Tri-Fold Kneeboard helps to organize your flight gear and keeps you on top of changes with the ability to write things down immediately as ATC gives you clearances, or when getting ATIS. Essentially, it serves as your inflight desk, file cabinet, and tool box.
When folded out, the left panel holds small books (AFD or QRef Checklist), papers, or flight computers. The center panel holds the kneeboard which is a quick reference clipboard secured under see-through plastic. Nearby is a pen/pencil holder and buttonholes to fold back the leg panels. The right side panel has a clear plastic window for displaying your chart with quick view accessibility. All of these features are easily strapped around your leg with Velcro®, secured tightly for flight.
Closed tightly with Velcro® when not in use, the ASA Tri-Fold kneeboard secures your gear for transport or stowing away in your flight bag. It stays there until needed for the next flight, allowing for quick flight planning and preparation.

  • Black nylon with embroidered silver wings logo.
  • Kneeboard is 6-1/2" wide x 9-1/2" high.