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    Standard Aircraft Handbook - 8th Edition

    The on-the-job aircraft maintenance manual and gold standard for aviation students and professionals – now fully updated! For more than 60 years, the Standard Aircraft Handbook for Mechanics and Technicians has...

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    Mathematics For Aviation Maintenance - EASA Module 01

    This module contains instruction in basic mathematics for the aviation maintenance technician as prescribed by EASA Part 66/147 for the B1, B2 rating. For most students, this module is a review of the principles learned previously in life. Those being...

    MSRP: $28.95
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    Aviation Mechanic Handbook - Seventh Edition

    Dale Crane's handbook for mechanics has been considered "The Aviation Standard" for many years.A core reference manual for mechanics, aircraft owners, and pilots, this book compiles specs from stacks of reference books and government publications into a...

    MSRP: $16.95
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    A Comprehensive Guide to Composites

    An insider’s viewpoint on the tips and techniques used by the pros to fabricate advanced composite parts.Graphite, carbon fiber, Kevlar, prepregs—these are advanced composites in wide use by today’s manufacturers. The processes and skills needed to...

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    Human Factors for AMT Certification

    An EASA Part 66/147 approved manual on Human Factors fully compliant as EASA Module 9 up through level 3. Produced in cooperation with HATA, Hellenic Aviation Training Academy.A very complete manual covering human factors in the aviation maintenance...

8 of 8 Items