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  • Fireade Rollbar Holster 16oz

    Fireade Rollbar Holster 16oz

    FireAde® Holsters are designed for quick access to fire safety with roll bar straps so you can place FireAde® in your airplane, hangar, racing vehicle, heavy machinery, or tent stands for special events. Fits FireAde® Extinguishers.

  • FireAde Extiguisher 16oz

    FireAde Extiguisher 16oz

    FireAde® is a 1:B rated personal fire extinguisher designed for easy application and extinguishment of fire outdoors and around the house using our signature FireAde® firefighting foam. No mess, non-corrosive, water-based formula leaves no residue...

  • FireAde Extinguisher 30oz

    FireAde Extinguisher 30oz

    FireAde® is a 1:B rated personal fire extinguisher designed for easy application and extinguishment of fire outdoors and around the house using our signature FireAde® firefighting foam. No mess, non-corrosive, water-based formula leaves no residue...

  • Sic Sac Motion Sickness Bag - Pack of 10

    Sic Sac Motion Sickness Bag - Pack of 10

    Sic Sac motion sickness bags are an essential for commercial or hobby flight. With turbulence, nerves or simply the stomach flu, emergency motion sickness bags are a must-have on any aircraft. Avoid any embarrassment, mess or discomfort for yourself and...

  • Flight Outfitters Sidekick Pocket Knife

    Flight Outfitters Sidekick Pocket Knife

    The Flight Outfitters Sidekick Pocket Knife is a tool that most pilots would agree is better to have and not need, than to need and not have. This pocket-sized wonder has an array of useful small tools in one place, fits in your pocket and is always...

  • ACR RapidDitch Express Bag

    ACR RapidDitch Express Bag

    Store all of your important personal items and survival gear in the new ACR RapidDitch™ Express abandon ship bag.  This compact and buoyant safety tool conveniently keeps all your essential safety gear organized and together allowing for quick...

    MSRP: $109.95
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    FlyWrite Cockpit Writing Pad

    FlyWrite an "in the cockpit" writing pad, has been developed out of the amazement of watching student pilots to CFII's jotting down needed radio and flight information on everything from gum wrappers to the palm of their hand. - FlyWrite is not...

  • Celeste 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes - Box of 50

    Celeste 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes - Box of 50

    Celeste’s Alcohol Wipe is a pre-saturated lint-free non-woven wipe made with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. It is ideal for cleaning flight decks, displays, tables, counters, screens, handles, and other touch points where fast and easy cleanup is required...

    MSRP: $17.95
  • 4bddf992-c341-4d6f-9dc0-599d002c64d4.JPG

    All In One World Travel Adapter

    Designed to use worldwide in over 150 countries, this compact international travel adapter has a universal AC plug-in and 4 different retractable plug configurations. It also has two built-in USB ports, so you can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously...

  • MyGoFlight Dual Digital USB Charger

    MyGoFlight Dual Digital USB Charger

    As pilots know, not just any charger will work in an airplane. MYGOFLIGHT developed the first DualMicro Charger for use in aviation that was incredibly successful. To raise the bar, we have now created the Dual Digital with a display that shows...

  • 8a9e1cd3-7ca2-493a-85bb-d63d10fd4771.JPG

    Pilot Pocket Pen - Cockpit Organizer

    The Pilot Pocket Pen is a handy addition to the cockpit that keeps the essentials right at your side during flight. This organizer holds two pens and a pair of sunglasses or four pens. The two strong suction cups allow you to mount the strong acrylic...

  • Roadmaster 5 - Adaptive Fast Charger

    Roadmaster 5 - Adaptive Fast Charger

    Transform your vehicle’s power outlet into a 5 USB charger that can power up multiple devices simultaneously at maximum speeds! Cleverly designed with a 2-port plug and 3-port backseat hub, everyone in the car gets easy access to power. While every port...

  • cb0ebf0b-11f8-4b0d-af06-c2762d5ff103.jpg

    5" x 8" Lined Notepad - Narrow Ruled

    Bring a professional appearance to your note taking with this Universal UNV56300 5" x 8" narrow rule white premium writing pad! This writing pad features 50 pages of high-quality heavyweight, narrow rule paper. Its heavy-duty sturdy back allows for easy...

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    BATTPACK - Spare Battery Holder

    This simple and useful active noise reduction (ANR) headset spare AA battery holder easily attaches to any 4-5mm headset cable.  The BATTPACK improves the aviation experience by making it easy and safe to locate spare batteries for an ANR headset.  The...

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    Travel John Industrial Strength Urinal

    Industrial Strength Urinal: Each bag is made of strong plastic that is puncture resistant and contains our revolutionary LIQSORB® polymer pouch that solidifies liquids instantly into a Leak-proof, odorless, spill-proof gel that is non-toxic and safe for...

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    Flight Outfitters Pilot Survival Knife

    Our Pilot Survival Knife features a combination blade design, a glass breaker on the back, and a back-up LED flashlight built into the top of the knife. This is the perfect side-kick accessory to have in your flight bag. 

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    Jeppesen Airway Manual Accessory Pack

    Efficiency in one complete bundle, our Airway Manual Accessory Pack is loaded with everything you need to stay organized in the air or on the ground. Chartabs - set of three Approach chart protectors - set of ten NavLog/flight plan forms - set of 50...

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    7-Ring Notepad

    Compact, convenient writing pad that fits in your approach plate binder. 50 sheets per pad.The lowly notepad doesn't often get the attention it deserves and could be one of the most important cockpit items in the instrument pilot's toolkit. Having one...

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    Flight Notes 3-Pack

    Set of 3, 48-page notebooks with room for your own flight notes, and quick reference aviation facts, phonetics, memory aids, and more.Flight Notes make great pocket companions for pilots and can be customized for each pilot and/or aircraft. Sold in packs...

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    Little John Spill Proof Urinal

    The fabulous LITTLE JOHN portable urinal is made of unbreakable plastic, with spill proof cap. For anyone on the go, and especially pilots - no more unscheduled plane landings. May be used in conjuction with the Lady "J" female adapter.

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    Backseat Pilot VFR & IFR Reference Card

    We're pilots, we get it, there's a mountain of knowledge to keep straight in order to ensure the safest flight possible. That's why we tirelessly scoured the FAR/AIM and picked the brains of flight instructors and flight students in order to establish...

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    Aircraft Document Holder

    We think this AEROPhoenix designed and made aircraft document holder is the nicest and best selling on the market. Where others come with either a velcro or clip attachment, ours cleverly has both. Its 600 Denier, PVC backed, black Nylon construction has...

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