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  • BrightLine - Shoulder Strap

    BrightLine - Shoulder Strap

    This Shoulder Strap clips onto all FLEX Center Sections. If building a bag from individual items, you will want to include the Main Handle and Shoulder Strap. The Shoulder Strap is adjustable and padded with a slight curve that molds...

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    BrightLine - CS3

    BrightLine - CS3   The CS3 gives you room for laptops, documents, clipboards, magazines, maybe a change of clothing. or even your lunch. This item does not include a Main Handle or Shoulder Strap. If building a custom bag, make sure your order...

  • BrightLine - Flat Cap Rear

    BrightLine - Flat Cap Rear

    The FLAT CAP REAR zips onto the Rear surface of all FLEX Center Sections and also directly onto a Front End Cap (PCF, FCF). This module offers two thin pockets on the outer surface and also a thin half-height flap pocket on the...

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    BrightLine - R6 - Range

     The R6 • Range Bag consists of a CS4, which holds your ear protection, your eye protection, your ammo and other gear, together with a CS2, which has room for a single layer of hand guns on a removable FLEX Array Base Plate (not included). Of course,...

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    BrightLine - Pocket Cap Front

    The FLEX Pocket Cap Front (PCF) is the starting point for all configurations. There are nine pockets in total (3 sets of 3), all with color-coded zipper pulls.The FLEX Pocket Cap Front attaches to the Front Surface of all FLEX Center Sections, or...

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    Brightline Bags - Luggage Works Adapter

    A pair of adjustable straps that allows your BrightLine Bag to be attached to the two quick-release buckles on certain models of the Luggage Works or Purdy Neat rolling suitcases. 22" tall or 26" tall.  Certain models of Luggage Works and Purdy Neat...

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    Camera Divider Kit

    This Camera Divider Kit turns any CS4 or CS5 into a versatile Camera module.It's designed to take advantage of the "top-access" feature of either the CS4 or CS5 and let you store your camera body at the top so you can open the top flap and pull your...

  • BrightLine - Side Pocket Delta

    BrightLine - Side Pocket Delta

     A unique double-wide side pocket. Installs onto any two side-by-side attachment bays. Even bridges the gap between two modules. The Side Pocket Delta is a double-width pocket designed to provide greater outside storage with a larger pocket. ...

  • BrightLine - Side Pocket Charlie

    BrightLine - Side Pocket Charlie

    Has a really useful pocket compartment as well as three external pen slots. The Side Pocket Charlie is a pen pocket designed to hold pens and pencils in flight.  In addition, it will hold eyeglasses and larger markers in the pocket behind the...

  • BrightLine - Side Pocket Bravo

    BrightLine - Side Pocket Bravo

    This pocket has two half-height compartments. It holds a small radio plus more accessories like batteries below. The Side Pocket Bravo is a small radio pocket designed for the small aviation radio.  The radio goes into the upper pocket area...

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    BrightLine - Side Pocket Alpha

    Designed to hold a large hand-held radio or a water bottle. Zipper conceals an expansion flap.The Side Pocket Alpha is a tall single-compartment pocket that is designed to hold a large hand-held radio.  ANY large radio will fit.  The antenna can stick up...

  • BrightLine - FLEX Array Base Plate

    BrightLine - FLEX Array Base Plate

    A simple velcro-covered panel that will accept any of the ARRAY pouches or the FLEX Holster and then store directly inside any FLEX Center Section. This is a flat panel with (loop) Velcro on one side.  It is 9.0 inches wide and 12.75 inches tall...

  • BrightLine - FLEX Holster

    BrightLine - FLEX Holster

    A Universal ambidexterous Velcro-backed holster to secure a hand gun to the FLEX Array Baseplate. The FLEX Holster is a universal holster that will adapt to any size pistol. The holster is Velcro backed in order to attach to any loop fabric,...

  • BrightLine - Side Pocket ECHO

    BrightLine - Side Pocket ECHO

    An infinitely-adjustable, insulated side pocket for any size water bottle from 0.5L to 1.5L. Maximum Bottle Diameter is 3.75 inches (95mm). This new SIDE POCKET ECHO is an infinitely-adjustable insulated water bottle pocket.  It will securely...

  • Brightline FLEX Array Kit-Tall

    Brightline FLEX Array Kit-Tall

    Now you can super-organize the INSIDE of your bag with the FLEX ARRAY.  This removable panel has six ARRAY pouches of different sizes, all one-inch thick, to organize all your small stuff inside your bag. Included Items: Array...

  • Brightline FLEX Array Kit-Short

    Brightline FLEX Array Kit-Short

    Now you can super-organize the INSIDE of your bag with the FLEX ARRAY.  This removable panel has six ARRAY pouches of different sizes, all one-inch thick, to organize all your small stuff inside your bag. Included Items: Array...

  • BrightLine - Flex B18 Hangar BrightLine - Flex B18 Hangar

    BrightLine - Flex B18 Hangar

    A Flight Bag or Travel Bag that can handle all your gear. Adaptable by adding or removing center sections as needed.  Eight different bags can be built with the included modules. Eight bags for the price of one.Description:Designed primarily for...

  • BrightLine - Flex B7 Flight

    BrightLine - Flex B7 Flight

    The B7 FLIGHT is the FLEX version of our award-winning original Pilot Flight Bag updated to allow even more flexibility. The included modules let you build four bags for the price of one.Description:The B7 FLIGHT is perhaps the most useful flight bag...

  • BrightLine - Flex B4 Swift

    BrightLine - Flex B4 Swift

     The B4 SWIFT makes a perfect VFR Flight Bag with room for one or two headsets, an iPad, a handheld radio, and organization for all the little tech accessories. Remove the 4-inch Center Section and end up with the B0 SLIM. Two different bags for...

  • BrightLine - Flex B2 Compute BrightLine - Flex B2 Compute

    BrightLine - Flex B2 Compute

    The B2 COMPUTE is the FLEX System "computer bag" and is perfect for anyone who wants a small, efficient way to carry their 13” laptop along with all the associated essentials. Or, it can serve as a compact document bag, or a lunch bag, or it could...

  • BrightLine - Flex B-Zero Slim BrightLine - Flex B-Zero Slim

    BrightLine - Flex B-Zero Slim

    The B-Zero SLIM is a clever daily bag for iPads, Ultrabooks, and assorted technology and personal items. Organize all your small stuff once and then you'll have everything with you no matter which configuration you build. The B0 SLIM is obviously the...

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    Replacement Flight Bag Shoulder Strap

    This replacement flight bag shoulder strap works with any flight bag out there! Try it with AEROPhoenix, Jeppesen, ASA, or Flyboys bags!Features:Adjustable Shoulder PadPolymer Hardware - non-maring, metal detector friendly, no springs to break or wear...

23 of 23 Items