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    ASA Oral Exam Guide: Instrument Pilot - 10th Edition

    The new tenth edition of the Instrument Pilot Oral Exam Guide has been updated throughout to reflect current regulations, procedures, FAA references and checkride practices including scenario-based testing. New questions have been added covering new...

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    ASA Oral Exam Guide - Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

    This new 5th edition is an extensive update to comply with the ATP Airman Certification Standards (ACS) and Advisory Circular 61-138 Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program, ensuring ATP applicants will be familiar with what they will...

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    Instrument Rating Checkride Reviewer- Darren Smith

    220 page review package designed to help you to get through the Instrument Checkride. It includes the Visi-Hold™ Holding Pattern Template Guide (M DRN 020) as a bonus. This package can be used as a self-study guide or by flight instructors to provide...

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    ASA Oral Exam Guide: Aircraft Dispatcher - 3rd edition

    The information in this book will serve you well on your exciting career path as an Aircraft Dispatcher: a critical link in air safety and a viable career option for many aviators.An Aircraft Dispatcher (ADX) is a licensed airman certificated by the...

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    Oral Exam Guide - Helicopter

    Updated to reflect the latest regulations and procedures, this invaluable resource serves as a supplement to ASA’s Oral Exam Guide Series. When used with the corresponding oral exam guide, this book prepares students for the oral portion of their...

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    ASA Oral Exam Guide: Multi-Engine

    Written to help prepare applicants for their oral exams with FAA examiners. Using a question-and-answer format, each Oral Exam Guide lists the questions most likely to be asked by examiners and provides succinct, ready responses. This guide features an...

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