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  • Concorde RG24-16 Battery 24V

    Concorde RG24-16 Battery 24V

    Recombinant Gas - The RG® Series are low resistance, valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries. Superior starting powerReliable essential power in the event of a generator failureLow impedance designMaintenance freeConstructed with non removable...

    MSRP: $959.34
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    Champion Spark Plug - RHB32E

    In the early 1900s, small planes flew with single ignition systems powered by adapted automobile engines using Champion-brand automotive spark plugs. By the 1920s, the company had developed innovative spark plugs designed specifically for the aviation...

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    skyBeacon | ADS-B Out, WAAS GPS, LED Navigation Light

    ADS-B Out  |  WAAS GPS  |  Altimeter  |  LED Nav Light  |  LED Anti-Collision (Strobe)The skyBeacon from uAvionix is a TSO approved, LED wingtip positionlight with ADS-B Out UAT & Integrated WAAS GPS. With easyinstallation, configuration, and reduced...

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    Tempest Oil Filters

    "Manufactured by Aviation for Aviation"Total Manufacturing Control – Tempest™ Original filters are the only aviation oil filters made in a state of the art aviation oil filter plant built solely for, and dedicated to, the manufacture of aviation oil...

    $35.00 - $42.95
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    Champion Aircraft Oil Filters

    Champion brand spin-on oil filters and element filters incorporate a semi-depth filter media. The filters combine the advantages of both surface and depth-type filtration: high filtering efficiency, controlled porosity for uniform flow, water resistance,...

    $46.95 - $53.25
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    Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter - Small

    Mr. Funnel Fuel Filters (#F1C) remove water, dirt, and debris from fuel. As fuel sits, it collects condensation, water and debris. One of the leading causes of engine failure is contaminated fuel. The Fuel Filter Funnel works with standard Gasoline,...

    MSRP: $27.95
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    TirePro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

    The TirePro Digital Tire Gauge is ideal for aviation use, with a large display and accuracy over a wide range of pressure levels. Readings are shown to 0.1 psi levels, with bar, Kpa, and Kg-cm2 scales also provided. It's compact size provides for easy...

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    Airlok Throttle/Mixture Lock - Push/Pull Controls

    Prevent aircraft theft!Here's a simple, inexpensive aircraft theft deterent, that fits virtually all push-pull throttle and mixture controls. The device will accept shafts up to .375" diameter, is made of heavy-gauge cadmium plated steel, and uses a...

11 of 11 Items