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Explore the treacherous early days of commercial aviation or marvel the modern-day miracle of flying. These books and documentaries are sure to entertain any aviation enthusiast.
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  • Boeing SLS Illustrated Magnet

    Boeing SLS Illustrated Magnet

    Your favorite program, illustrated and ready to stick around on the fridge, whiteboard, etc.Details:Silver-tone metal magnet with enamel color fillBoeing logo on the back side of the magnetDie-cut into the shape of your favorite programMeasures 3" L x 1"...

  • The Airplane Alphabet Book

    The Airplane Alphabet Book

    This fact-filled book features planes from A to Z, including the Aviation Trainer Six, the Electra, and the Zero. An high-flying tour of the alphabet and a history of flying machines the Wright Brothers to hobbyist’s model airplanes.Learn which type of...

  • The Extraordinary Life of Neil Armstrong

    The Extraordinary Life of Neil Armstrong

    From real-life narratives to timelines and facts, this book is a fully illustrated journey of discovery. Explore the childhood, the achievements, and the qualities of Neil Armstrong – the very things that helped him have such an incredible impact on the...

  • The Extraordinary Life of Amelia Earhart

    The Extraordinary Life of Amelia Earhart

    From real-life narratives to timelines and facts, this book is a fully illustrated journey of discovery. Explore the childhood, the achievements, and the qualities of Amelia Earhart – the very things that helped her have such an incredible impact on the...

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    ASA Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane (Softcover)

    A great read for anyone—not just pilots! This exceptional collection of flying stories is one ride that should not be missed. This is the captivating inside story of the making of a pilot. Well-known and respected author Greg Brown shares the journey of...

    MSRP: $19.95
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    ASA Finding Carla (Softcover)

    From new author Ross Nixon, a book that tells the true story of an aviation search-and-rescue and a family's struggle--- and how together they affected the history of the use of emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) in aircraft. In March 1967, a Cessna...

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    ASA Artful Flying

    There's more to flying than safely getting an airplane from point A to point B, more than coaxing an airplane into the air and bringing it back to earth without breaking anything, or than shooting the perfect approach or crosswind landing. There are...

    MSRP: $34.95
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    ASA The Golden Years of Flying: As We Remember

    The Golden Years of Flying—As We Remember is the legacy of an earlier day in aviation history, recorded by one of the pilots who shared this experience and wrote down his fellow pilots' stories. Captain Tex Searle corresponded with and interviewed...

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    ASA Together We Fly: Voices From the DC-3 (Softcover)

    Soft Cover - An incredible account of the legendary DC-3 through story and historical imagery. Together We Fly: Voices From the DC-3 is the story of an aircraft like none other-a true legend, the icon of an industry and one of the most recognized...

    MSRP: $19.95
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    Wind-Up Airplane Book

    "This is your pilot speaking...we're cleared for take-off!" This cute story of a boy's first plane flight has a fun interactive element: a small wind-up toy plane that moves along 3 different tracks as the story plays out. The book, which opens to 12"...

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    Peep Inside: How a Plane Works

    Follow a plane on a journey around the world in this little book, and peep inside its cockpit, engine, and even its wings to find out how it works. With colorful illustrations, flaps to lift and holes to peep through, there’s so much to discover in...

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    Wipe-Clean Airport Activity Book

    This fun Usborne book is a playful way for young children to develop their counting, observation, and pen-control skills. Connect the dots to create planes, find matching suitcases, complete a runway maze, and lots more! Durable, wipe-clean pages allow...

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    The $100 Hamburger - A Pilot's Guide

    “The $100 Hamburger – A Pilots’ Guide 2019” is the newest edition of what has been called general aviation’s Zagat Guide. For over twenty-five years recreational pilots have relied on their copy of private aviation's ONLY travel guide. It contains...

    MSRP: $29.95
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    Look Inside Airport Board Book

    Look behind the scenes at a bustling airport, as planes speed along the runway and soar into the sky. This fascinating flap book is perfect for little fingers and curious minds.

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    Chicken Wings: The First Book

    “Chicken Wings” is the first of its kind aviation humor book designed to entertain the airplane enthusiast, air show visitor, cartoon lover, flight student, and pilot alike. In the style of aviators everywhere (chickens are aviators of a sort, aren’t...

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    Rod Machado's Plane Talk

    Contains Nearly 100 flights of fun and knowledge that will stimulate your aviation brain and tickle your funny bone.  You'll read about higher learning, the value of aviation history and literature:  more than just a few articles written to make you...

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    Amazing Wonders Collection: The Story of an Aviator

    Ideal for daring aviators-to-be! An insider’s story follows the early days of flight — and features a splendid model of a biplane inside.Step back to the 1930s, when an ambitious flying ace vows to claim the prize for the first solo around-the-world...

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    Living in the Age of Airplanes - Bluray

    Living in the Age of Airplanes offers a fresh perspective on a modern-day miracle that many of us take for granted: flying. Produced and directed by Brian J. Terwilliger (One Six Right), narrated by Harrison Ford and featuring an original score from...

    MSRP: $32.95
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