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    Oil Easy Wrench

    The "Oil Easy Wrench" is specifically designed to remove the oil filter on any aircraft using the Teledyne Continental IO-520 or IO-550 engine. In fact, it is a universal oil filter wrench that works great on any piston engine...

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    Klein 7-Piece Cushion-Grip Screwdriver Set

    The professional requires a number of screwdrivers in a variety of sizes and types. Klein drivers feature convenience, comfort and efficiency in use, plus exceptional strength and durability. All Klein screwdrivers are made of the...

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    Strip And Crimp Tool

    5 Way all purpose wire 9" long made of hardened steel matte black permanent finish with bright clear markings. Makes it an attractive & easy to use product. Features long comfortable plastic grip handles. A one piece tool that shapes & cuts wire 5...

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    Reversible Safety Wire Twisters 6-Inch

    These top quality twisting lock pliers with automatic return are reversible, economically priced, and extremely durable. Features a sharp cutting edge and will twist up to .060" dia. safety wire.

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    CAMLOC Plier

    Camloc pliers are used to depress 2600, 2700 and 4000 series Camloc® (C-Lock) studs so they can be properly installed. The grips are rubber cushioned for extra comfort and to reduce slipping.

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    Economy Shop Head Rivet Gauge Set

    Set of four gauges for -3, -4, -5, & -6 rivets. Each gauge measures MINIMUM height and MINIMUM diameter of shop heads AFTER setting. Works for measuring both universal head and flush rivets. Color coded anodized finish.

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    CruzTools GrooveTech Diagonal Cutters

     While developed for guitar and bass strings that are made of hardened stainless steel or nickel, these cutters also work great in aviation. Ordinary diagonal cutters are designed for soft copper, and thus fail miserably when used on harder metals...

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    CruzTools MaxHook Spring Hook

    Springs can be a testy bunch to handle. You may need to push, pull, twist, or otherwise contort to get it on or off the bike. Our second-generation spring hook is up to any task you put it to. The tip is precision cut using heat-treated carbon steel,...

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    CruzTools 1/4" Drive Sliding T-Driver

    T-handles are extremely useful for all sorts of applications. And they’re even more functional if your existing sockets can be used. Enter the newest and favorite member of our family, which has a standard 1/4” drive tip. At about 7”, it can be easily...

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    CruzTools Safety Wire Installation Pliers

    Safety Wire Pliers, or "SWIPES," are a staple in any technician's tool box. They make the installation of safety wire - especially the twisting operation - quick and easy. A first glance, all SWIPES may appear equal, but a close inspection will reveal...

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    CruzTools Pilot's Tool Kit

    The fleet of general aviation aircraft is aging. Mandated mainenance promotes reliability, but experienced pilots know mechanical issues can still arise, sometimes far from an open FBO. Our Pilot's Tool Kit provides the most common tools and other...

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    CruzTools Speedkit - Tool Set for GA Aircraft

    Experienced pilots know the importance of carrying tools for basic maintenance and repairs. Until recently, they had to assemble their own kit or simply do without. Our PTK1 is the ultimate Pilot's Tool Kit, but for those with space, weight, or budget...

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    Tempest Oil Filter Torque Wrench

    The Tempest Oil Filter Torque Wrench with 1" hex allows easy installation or removal of oil filters. The torque wrench comes preset to 17 ft/lbs and is easily re-calibrated.

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    World Wide Products 6” Safety Wire Pliers

    Three-in-one tool: standard pliers, safety wire twister and wire cutterLocking grip with cutting edgeTapered nose is effective where standard tools will not fitHardened alloy steel with black oxide finishAutomatic return

    MSRP: $41.95
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    Milbar Saftey Wiring Kit

    The most versatile kit available. Contains three different SafetyTwist Pliers to cover almost any application: 9" Automatic (1W393)6" Mini (11W) 19" Deep Reach Twister (13W)Includes three 1/4 lb. spools of stainless steel safety wire (.020, .032, .041)...

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    45W Wire Twister/Pliers (Small - 6") Reversible

    Milbar's new safety wire twister pliers offer the best of all worlds! Now you can twist safety wire in either direction with a simple turn of a sleeve - a second tool is not needed for left handed twisting. New jaw design holds wires firmly without nicks...

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    11WS Wire Twister/Pliers (Small - 6") Right Hand Twist

    Milbar's new safety wire twister pliers offer ease and trouble free use! Now you can twist safety wire in tight spots with fast operation. New diagonal nose with cushion throat jaw design holds wires firmly without nicks or scrapes. The jaws also feature...

24 of 31 Items