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    Jeppesen Metal CSG E6B Flight Computer

    Solving all of your low and high-speed problems is a cinch with the help of our heavy-duty Metal CSG Flight Computer. It quickly calculates time, speed and distance problems, density altitude, true airspeed, wind correction angles, and countless other...

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    Sectional Aeronautical Charts

    Sectional Aeronautical Chart Inventory is pulled 10 days before expiration date The Date of Latest Editions from the FAA is available here U.S. Sectional Chart Sectional Aeronautical Charts are the primary navigational reference medium used by the VFR...

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    5" x 8" Lined Notepad - Narrow Ruled

    Bring a professional appearance to your note taking with this Universal UNV56300 5" x 8" narrow rule white premium writing pad! This writing pad features 50 pages of high-quality heavyweight, narrow rule paper. Its heavy-duty sturdy back allows for easy...

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    ASA Holding Visualizer

    You are flying a heading of 055 when you are issued this clearance “…hold east of the ABC VORTAC on the zero niner zero radial, left turns…”This clearance is enough to invoke a rapid heart beat in the most experienced pilots. Although holding patterns...

    MSRP: $14.95
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    BATTPACK - Spare Battery Holder

    This simple and useful active noise reduction (ANR) headset spare AA battery holder easily attaches to any 4-5mm headset cable.  The BATTPACK improves the aviation experience by making it easy and safe to locate spare batteries for an ANR headset.  The...

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    Jeppesen Student E6B Computer

    Full function, full size. Plastic student E6B conforms to the instructions and examples in Jeppesen manuals, workbooks and audiovisual programs. Includes instruction manual with sample problems.

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    Gleim E6B Flight Computer

    A standard E6B-Type computer made of durable fiberboard. Product Features: - Standard E6B-type Computer - Crosswind component, Flight Plan Sequence Checklist, and Special Equipment Suffixes - Popular, durable fiberboard version - Easy to use - Low...

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    Placard - ATC Light Gun Signals for Aircraft

    We've noticed that light gun signals are one of those things that pilots always seem to forget. Probably because most of us will go our entire flying careers without experiencing a total radio failure. We've also noticed that for whatever reason, many...

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    Gear Down Decal

    Gear up landing incidents still occur everyday day in all categories of aviation. The most important item on a retractable airplane’s before landing checklist may be the “GEAR DOWN BEFORE LANDING” item. By placing this simple, non adhesive transparent...

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    Travel John Industrial Strength Urinal

    Industrial Strength Urinal: Each bag is made of strong plastic that is puncture resistant and contains our revolutionary LIQSORB® polymer pouch that solidifies liquids instantly into a Leak-proof, odorless, spill-proof gel that is non-toxic and safe for...

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    Jeppesen PV-5 IFR Enroute Plotter

    Designed for use with all Jeppesen enroute charts, including area navigation (RNAV) enroute charts. Easy to use, it shows standard and non-standard holding pattern entries, as well as providing kilometer to nautical mile conversions. (Size: 3-3/16 x...

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    Flight Outfitters Pilot Survival Knife

    Our Pilot Survival Knife features a combination blade design, a glass breaker on the back, and a back-up LED flashlight built into the top of the knife. This is the perfect side-kick accessory to have in your flight bag. 

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    Terminal Procedures Publication South East

    Included in the Terminal Procedures Publications are:Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) ChartsDeparture Procedure (DP) ChartsInstrument Approach Procedure (IAP) Charts Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR) ChartsCharted Visual Flight Procedures (CVFP)Airport...

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    Jeppesen Airway Manual Accessory Pack

    Efficiency in one complete bundle, our Airway Manual Accessory Pack is loaded with everything you need to stay organized in the air or on the ground. Chartabs - set of three Approach chart protectors - set of ten NavLog/flight plan forms - set of 50...

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    APR 8" Pocket Training Plotter

    APR’s NP-8 Training Plotter has shows students how to plot and measure courses using latitude and longitude lines.Features:Instructions printed on the plotterFour protractor scalesFormula for determining true courseFormula for determining magnetic...

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    Introduction to Jeppesen Navigation Charts

    The chart training guide is published as a service for pilots training with Jeppesen charts. It is intended for reference only and includes some of the most commonly used symbology. Not all symbology is included with this guide. This guide is revised...

    MSRP: $12.95
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    Rotating Plotter

    Features a nonslip rotating azimuth made from strong plastic for quick course readout.Constructed of sturdy, clear plastic with easy-to-read numbers and scales. It includes WAC, Sectional, and Terminal Area scales, and is checked and approved by the...

    MSRP: $14.95
24 of 60 Items