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  • Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

    Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

    Providing basic knowledge essential for all pilots, from beginning students through to the advanced certificates, this Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) publication introduces readers to the broad spectrum of knowledge required as they progress...

    MSRP: $32.95
  • ASA Aviation Weather Handbook (Softcover)

    ASA Aviation Weather Handbook (Softcover)

    This important Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Handbook updates and consolidates information previously available in six different Advisory Circulars:AC 00-6, Aviation WeatherAC 00-24, ThunderstormsAC 00-30, Clear Air Turbulence...

    MSRP: $49.95
  • Jeppesen Metal CSG E6B Flight Computer

    Jeppesen Metal CSG E6B Flight Computer

    Solving all of your low and high-speed problems is a cinch with the help of our heavy-duty Metal CSG Flight Computer. It quickly calculates time, speed and distance problems, density altitude, true airspeed, wind correction angles, and countless...

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    Sectional Aeronautical Charts

    Sectional Aeronautical Chart Inventory is pulled 10 days before expiration date The Date of Latest Editions from the FAA is available here U.S. Sectional Chart Sectional Aeronautical Charts are the primary navigational reference medium used by the VFR...

    $9.00 - $10.99
  • cb0ebf0b-11f8-4b0d-af06-c2762d5ff103.jpg

    5" x 8" Lined Notepad - Narrow Ruled

    Bring a professional appearance to your note taking with this Universal UNV56300 5" x 8" narrow rule white premium writing pad! This writing pad features 50 pages of high-quality heavyweight, narrow rule paper. Its heavy-duty sturdy back allows for easy...

  • ASA Flight Schedule Kit

    ASA Flight Schedule Kit

    Essential to smooth dispatching. Features include: a replaceable perpetual aircraft/instructor entry panel; standby request section; and time in 15-minute blocks. Charcoal Gray binder is 17-1/4" x 13-5/8" with 15" x 12" pages for easy viewing. 60...

    MSRP: $44.95
  • ASA Holding Visualizer

    ASA Holding Visualizer

    You are flying a heading of 055 when you are issued this clearance “…hold east of the ABC VORTAC on the zero niner zero radial, left turns…”This clearance is enough to invoke a rapid heart beat in the most experienced pilots...

  • Jeppesen CR-3 Computer - 6

    Jeppesen CR-3 Computer - 6

    This CR Circular Computer assists you in everything from solving wind triangles, to polar grid navigation, and pressure pattern flying.

    MSRP: $36.95
  • Jeppesen Student E6B Computer

    Jeppesen Student E6B Computer

    Full function, full size. Plastic student E6B conforms to the instructions and examples in Jeppesen manuals, workbooks and audiovisual programs. Includes instruction manual with sample problems.

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    Travel John Industrial Strength Urinal

    Industrial Strength Urinal: Each bag is made of strong plastic that is puncture resistant and contains our revolutionary LIQSORB® polymer pouch that solidifies liquids instantly into a Leak-proof, odorless, spill-proof gel that is non-toxic and safe for...

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    Jeppesen PV-5 IFR Enroute Plotter

    Designed for use with all Jeppesen enroute charts, including area navigation (RNAV) enroute charts. Easy to use, it shows standard and non-standard holding pattern entries, as well as providing kilometer to nautical mile conversions. (Size: 3-3/16 x...

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    Terminal Procedures Publication South East

    Included in the Terminal Procedures Publications are:Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) ChartsDeparture Procedure (DP) ChartsInstrument Approach Procedure (IAP) Charts Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR) ChartsCharted Visual Flight Procedures (CVFP)Airport...

    $9.50 - $10.95
  • ASA Aircraft Weight & Balance Handbook eBundle ASA Aircraft Weight & Balance Handbook eBundle

    ASA Aircraft Weight & Balance Handbook eBundle

    Includes print book + eBook PDF Weight and balance is an important aspect to the safety of flight. An overweight aircraft, or one whose center of gravity is outside the allowable limits, is inefficient and dangerous to fly. The responsibility for proper...

    MSRP: $19.95
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    APR 8" Pocket Training Plotter

    APR’s NP-8 Training Plotter has shows students how to plot and measure courses using latitude and longitude lines.Features:Instructions printed on the plotterFour protractor scalesFormula for determining true courseFormula for determining magnetic...

  • ASA Rotating Plotter ASA Rotating Plotter

    ASA Rotating Plotter

    Features a nonslip rotating azimuth made from strong plastic for quick course readout.Constructed of sturdy, clear plastic with easy-to-read numbers and scales. It includes WAC, Sectional, and Terminal Area scales, and is checked and approved by the...

  • ASA Fixed Plotter ASA Fixed Plotter

    ASA Fixed Plotter

    Constructed of sturdy clear plastic with easy-to-read numbers and scales. WAC, Sectional, and TAC scales approved by Weight and Measures Department.Constructed of sturdy clear plastic with easy-to-read numbers and scales. It includes WAC, Sectional, and...

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    7-Ring Notepad

    Compact, convenient writing pad that fits in your approach plate binder. 50 sheets per pad.The lowly notepad doesn't often get the attention it deserves and could be one of the most important cockpit items in the instrument pilot's toolkit. Having one...

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    Airport / Facility Directories

    The Airport / Facility Directory is a pilot's manual which contains data on public and joint use airports, seaplane bases, heliports, VFR airport sketches, NAVAIDs, communications data weather data sources, airspace, special notices, VFR waypoints and...

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