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Aircraft Consumables and Expendables

Introducing our comprehensive range of aircraft consumables and expendables: quality, reliable items carefully curated to help maintain, repair, and enhance your aircraft's performance. 


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Our inventory of aircraft consumable materials is sourced from industry-leading manufacturers to ensure that you receive only the best for your aircraft. Fallon Pilot Shop's commitment to quality, backed by our seasoned aviation experts, puts us at the forefront of the aircraft consumables market. 


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Our team of aviation professionals boasts years of experience in various aspects of the industry. Trust Fallon Pilot Shop to guide you in selecting the most suitable aircraft consumables for your needs. 


Make Fallon Pilot Shop your go-to aircraft consumables supplier today! Browse our aircraft consumables and expendables and enjoy our same-day shipping services. Fuel your passion for flight with everything you need to maintain and repair your aircraft. 


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    Mobilgrease 28 - 14 Oz Tube

    Mobilgrease 28 is a supreme performance, high temperature, antiwear grease designed to combine the unique features of a polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluid with an organo-clay (non-soap) thickener.  The wax-free nature of the synthetic base fluid,...

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    ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Lubricant - 13 oz Aerosol Can

    ACF-50, Anti-Corrosion Formula, is a state of the art, anti-corrosion lubricant compound, specifically designed for the Aerospace Industry. It is an ultra Thin Fluid Compound (TFFC) that actively treats metal using advanced polar bonding technology...

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    Champion Aircraft Oil Filters

    Champion brand spin-on oil filters and element filters incorporate a semi-depth filter media. The filters combine the advantages of both surface and depth-type filtration: high filtering efficiency, controlled porosity for uniform flow, water resistance,...

    $46.95 - $71.70
  • Skybolt Cowling Mount SK2003-42A

    Skybolt Cowling Mount SK2003-42A

    Skybolt Cowling Mount SK2003-42A   OverviewThe SK2003A Series Mounts were specifically designed around the latest generation Cessna/Lord J7444-42 Series Mount. The SK2003-14A, -24A, and -42A all have the same flex feature as the...

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    Mouse Milk Penetrating Oil - 8 Oz

    Mousemilk is a penetrating oil especially formulated for the aerospace industry. MouseMilk will dissolve the rust and allow frozen bolts and studs to be removed reducing breakage common when removing exhaust driven components. It also dissolves gum and...

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    AeroShell Grease #33 - 14.1 Oz. Tube

    MIL-PRF-23827C Type 1 Synthetic Lithium Complex Grease for Aircraft. Developed with the purpose of satisfying almost all airframe lubrication requirements with a single grease. Its enhanced corrosion resistance and load-carrying capacity reduces wear...

    MSRP: $23.99
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    AeroShell Oil W100 - Case

    Case of 12 QuartsAeroShell Oil W100 - Single Grade Ashless Dispersant OilAeroShell Oil W100 is an ashless dispersant oil specifically developed for aviation piston engines. It combines non-metallic additives with selected high viscosity index base oils...

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    Dow Corning RTV732 Multi-Purpose Sealant - 3oz- Clear

    RTV732 Multi-purpose sealant meets MIL-A-46106 rev. B. Also meets GE A15F6, DA683-352, Pratt & Whitney 36029, Rev. G.Available in white, black, aluminum and clear colors. Also meets certain FDA and UL specifications. Stable and flexible from -76 F to 356...

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    AeroShell Oil 100 Mineral - Quart

    AeroShell Oil 100 Straight Grade Engine Mineral OilAeroShell Oil 100 is a straight mineral oil blended from selected high viscosity index base oils. These oils do not contain any additives except for very small amounts of pour point depressant (which...

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    Exxon Mobil Jet II - Quart

    1 QuartMobil Jet Oil II is formulated to meet the demanding requirements of aircraft-type gas turbines operating over a wide range of severe operating conditions. The product has a high specific heat in order to ensure good heat transfer from oil-cooled...

    MSRP: $32.99
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    AeroShell Oil Multigrade 15W50 - Quart

    AeroShell Oil Multigrade W15W50 - The Premium Oil For Your Aircraft.Semi-Synthetic Ashless Dispersant Engine Oil:Aeroshell Oil W 15 W 50 is a premium semi-synthetic multigrade ashless dispersant oil specifically developed for aviation piston engines...

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    A.O.A Oil Analysis Kit

    Includes a shipping padded envelope, plastic oil container, and instructions.Keeps Your Aircraft Engine Happy!Most aircraft owners regularly run compression checks on their engines, however this is not enough for a thorough preventive maintenance program...

    MSRP: $29.99
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    McCreary AB3E4 Air Hawk Black 6.00-6 6-Ply Aircraft Tire

    **Item Ships via Ground Shipping Only**The Air Hawk® is an excellent choice if you are looking for an increased level of performance and security at a price that won't break your budget. Improved tread compounds and high-strength casings offer added wear...

    MSRP: $149.00
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    Phillips 66 X/C Aviation Hydraulic Fluid - 1 Qt.

    1 QuartPhillips 66 X/C 5606H and X/C 5606A Aviation Hydraulic Fluids are mineral oil-based, high viscosity index, ashless (zinc-free) antiwear hydraulic fluids designed to meet the severe demands of aerospace and industrial applications. They have...

    MSRP: $24.99