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ASA Helicopter Fundamentals Virtual Test Prep DVD

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The Helicopter Virtual Test Prep™ DVD provides the fundamentals of aviation ground school to prepare pilots for the FAA Knowledge Exam and help them become better, safer pilots.

Helicopter Fundamentals, guides viewers through the important concepts and vagaries of helicopter flight. This award-winning production makes explanations come to life with in-flight demonstrations and the latest 3D animated graphics. Aerodynamics are covered in detail from retreating blade stall to autorotation. Cockpit point-of-view footage helps viewers experience maneuvers from the pilot’s perspective.

Helicopter Fundamentals supplements the airplane Virtual Test Prep™ ground school courses. Complete both the airplane and helicopter courses to prepare for private pilot, instrument rating, commercial pilot, or flight instructor (CFI) FAA Knowledge Exams. Used together, the courses provide everything needed to ace the Helicopter FAA Knowledge Exam.

Also includes a bonus Prepware account which allows the user to take 5 practice tests. Practice test results can then be used to receive an endorsement from ASA to take the Helicopter FAA Knowledge Exam.

DVD Outline

  • Basic aerodynamics

  • Helicopter systems and flight controls

  • Aerodynamics unique to helicopters

  • Performance

  • Weight and balance

  • Flight maneuvers and procedures

  • Hazards and emergency procedures

  • Federal aviation regulations