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Flight Outfitters Centerline Kneeboard - Large

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Keep all your devices right where you need them.
All Centered Around the iPad
The most important piece of many
pilots’ avionics packages is the one sitting on your lap. The iPad has
changed the way we fly and having it firmly mounted in the right spot is
essential to situational awareness in the cockpit. A new silicone
attachment mechanism allows you to see more of the screen while taking
up the minimal amount of space in your flight bag. The flexible holder
is mounted to a firm surface that also provides rotational capabilities.
Do you fly landscape for cross country and portrait for approaches? No
problem. The Centerline Kneeboard easily rotates around the
center-of-mass for the iPad. 

More Than Just an iPad Mount
In addition to being an amazing
kneeboard for an iPad, the pilots at Flight Outfitters added a fold-down
platform to the side of your leg. This is the perfect spot for holding
an iPhone or notepad. The custom-molded platform is rigid enough to
write on, yet soft enough to easily tuck away when not in use. A
stylus/pen pocket is found in this innovative sidecar pocket.

Strap In
What good is a kneeboard if it falls
off your leg? The back side of the Centerline Kneeboard uses
high-friction fabric to keep the kneeboard from sliding around your leg.
Two padded strips help contour the flat board to your round leg, while
an elastic strap holds it firmly in place. 

  • Fold-down platform
  • Center rotating point
  • Extra thick elastic strap
  • Non-slip underside
  • Silicone iPad holder
  • Padded back
  • Pen/stylus pocket 
  • Mesh pocket
The Flight Outfitters Centerline
Kneeboard includes a drawstring bag for storage and is offered in two
sizes – Small and Large. The Large will accommodate iPad 5-9, iPad Air 1-4, and iPad
Pro 9.7”-10.5”.


  • Weight (empty):
    • LARGE: 1.4 lbs.