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Destination Departure

Destination Departure Rotating Azimuth Navigation Plotter

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  • 8 FUNCTIONS included on this plotter. Measure in Nautical Miles (Front Side) and Statute Miles (Back Side) along with Sectional Scale (1:500,000) WAC Scale (1:1,000,000) and Terminal Area (1:250,000)
  • CALCULATE TRUE & MAGNETIC COURSE using this plotter with the included magnetic variation scale used to convert true course to magnetic course. Easy convert to true course using this plotter and a sectional very quick.
  • INCLUDED CARRY CASE made of strong PVC plastic to keep it protected for long years of use and travel. Easily travels in a flight bag with a kneeboard, headset, e6b, foggles, or other pilot gear/supplies you may have.
  • THICK CONSTRUCTION of the plotter making it more rigid but still flexible enough to be easily manipulated without bending. 1.3mm thick plastic providing a substantial profile for the user
  • ROTATING AZIMUTH included making it a breeze to calculate true and magnetic course within seconds. Easily manipulate the bezel to find your course on any of the charts that match the included scales.